The Affordable Care Act has changed the health insurance marketplace forever yet most Americans are still confused. We have pulled together some of the most important resources to help you make the right decisions, whether you are an employer or a consumer looking for answers.


Providing health insurance for employees has become a cornerstone to attract and retain good talent. Most employers even feel a moral obligation to provide these benefits to their employees but things are changing. The Affordable Care Act has taken away many of the advantages that the group health insurance market once held over the individual market. There are new penalties and requirements that you must also be aware of. The resources below are designed to give you the most up to date information available to navigate the new realities.


The individual market for insurance is both changing and growing. New options for coverage even if you have Pre-Existing conditions are available, and millions of Americans will qualify for premium subsidies to help make their insurance more affordable. These tools have been assembled to help you understand health reform and how it impacts you.

White Papers

These documents provide in-depth analysis of key issues relating to health care reform. Click any of the titles to download the white paper.

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